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QCoal Foundation Sets two up for Success with Scholarship and Bursary

Jamie Ahearn was the 2023 recipient of the QCoal Foundation Scholarship to study at James Cook University.

Jamie, a first-year Environmental Science and Management student, said that he was thrilled to be named as the 2023 recipient of the $30,000 QCoal Foundation Scholarship.

“My parents were also extremely happy and very proud of my achievement. I owe them so much for the support over the years,” he said.

“This scholarship will greatly aid me in funding my tertiary education and will allow me to focus my efforts on my study.”

Hailing from Mount Isa, Mr Ahearn said he had a strong interest in land and water management and spent the past year working as an environmental technician within the mining industry in his hometown.

“I had the opportunity to conduct a wide variety of environmental monitoring alongside industry professionals, as well as learn about the greater mining industry,” he said.

“This was a truly gratifying and eye-opening experience for me as a young person.

“After graduation, I would be keen to work either as an environmental advisor in the mining industry or as a hydrologist/hydrogeologist.”

Additionally, Veterinary Science student Isabella Tritton received a $5,000 Bursary.

The first person to attend university in her family, Ms Tritton said the bursary helped further her dream to provide quality veterinary services in rural and remote areas.

“Growing up in rural Australia, I’ve never felt disadvantaged by living so far away from cities, but now the only way I can access tertiary education is to live in Townsville while studying, which is expensive,” she said.

“This bursary will assist me in helping pay my tuition and other additional costs such as placement so I can continue my chosen career.”

Growing up on a cattle station outside of Richmond, Ms Tritton said her interest in animal physiology and behaviours only grew stronger during her senior schooling.
“I have always loved animals and genuinely wish to make a difference for animals and the people that care for them,” she said.

“I believe I can influence the field of veterinary science as my goal is to provide care to animals that are often overlooked due to a lack of access, which occurs in rural and regional areas.”

The QCoal Foundation Scholarship was established in 2015 to support students from regional and remote Queensland to achieve tertiary studies at James Cook University. A new $30,000 is awarded each yer. Applications for the 2024 scholarship are now open. To learn more click here.