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Nurturing Potential: QCoal Foundation Boosts Bowen State High School Initiative

QCoal Foundation is proud to support Bowen State High School’s, “Engage to Achieve: Nurturing Great Humans,” project with a Community Growth Grant. This initiative connects with secondary students in Years 7-10 who face disengagement risks and barriers to education.

The multi-tiered project offers a holistic approach to re-engage students in positive learning or facilitate their entry into work experience and employment. Workshops focus on mental health, wellbeing, and the importance of expressing one’s truth, fostering knowledge, confidence, and self-belief for future employment.

Principal Rob Harris expresses confidence in the Engage to Achieve: Nurturing Great Humans workshops, foreseeing them as catalysts for students to reflect, empathise, and seek support, ultimately improving overall wellbeing. The initiative aligns with the school’s commitment to providing opportunities for all students.

Bowen State High School’s strong partnerships with various organisations, including law enforcement and mental health services, ensure comprehensive wrap-around support for the students.

QCoal Foundation celebrates this collaboration, recognising the project’s potential to positively impact the lives of these children by fostering a supportive environment and enhancing the overall culture of the school community.

The QCoal Foundation Community Grant Program has been established to encourage community-led initiatives to improve liveability, health and education in communities throughout regional and remote Queensland.