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Empowering Futures: QCoal Foundation and Hear and Say Extend Transformative Partnership

We are thrilled to announce the one-year extension of our social venture partnership with Hear and Say, now entering its fourth year, for the RETAIN program. RETAIN (REgional TArgeted INtervention) utilises telepractice technology to deliver Hear and Say’s powerful listening and spoken language therapy, to school-aged children with hearing loss in regional Queensland.

In its three-year journey, the RETAIN program has positively impacted over 80 students across rural and regional Queensland, providing essential support that would otherwise be inaccessible. Focusing on optimising listening, speech, and language outcomes, as well as social skills, the program ensures that these children can thrive academically and socially within the school curriculum.

An integral aspect of this partnership has been the identification of a critical gap in audiology services in regional Queensland. Families often face limited referral pathways following school screening programs, making it challenging to obtain the necessary diagnosis for their children to access the RETAIN program or other essential services.
Responding to this crucial insight, the extended partnership will support Hear and Say in identifying and trialling innovative solutions to bridge the gap in audiology services. This additional year of collaboration will also explore alternative options and establish strategic partnerships with government entities and other stakeholders to collectively address this pressing issue.

By committing to another year of collaboration, the QCoal Foundation and Hear and Say showcase their dedication to creating lasting positive change in the lives of children facing hearing loss in regional Queensland. This partnership goes beyond the immediate impact of the RETAIN program, aiming to build a sustainable framework that ensures equitable access to audiology services for all children, regardless of their geographical location. Together, we continue to shape a future where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential, irrespective of the challenges they may face.
You can learn more about the RETAIN program and our partnership with Hear and Say here.