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QCoal Foundation Empowers Cultural Preservation

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Let’s Talk Yangga Language Resurgence Project. Led by esteemed Jangga Elder, Col McLennan, Let’s Talk Yangga, also known as Wodjawodja bimbi Yangga, represents the culmination of nearly eighteen months of dedicated effort and collaboration. Col McLennan, the last fluent speaker of the Yangga language, has worked closely with linguist Dr. Angela Terrill and archaeologist Liz Hatte, supported by a QCoal Foundation Community Growth grant, to meticulously document the language.


(L-R: Colin McLennan with Jangga community members. Dr. Angela Terrill, Colin McLennan and Liz Hatte)

The Let’s Talk Yangga project revolves around recording the Yangga language and creating resources aimed at preserving it for future generations. These resources include a comprehensive website, serving as a repository for the Yangga language, designed to facilitate its dissemination and teaching to the younger members of the Jangga community.

Uncle Col, expressed his pride in contributing to its realisation and emphasised the importance of passing on his knowledge to keep the language alive, acknowledging that language is a critical component of culture. Through this project, he aims to instil a sense of identity and pride in Jangga culture for future generations with Dr. Terrill stating “Colin’s work over the years draws together the land, language and community to strengthen the culture, bring people together, and keep it strong for future generations.”


(L-R: Sylvia Bhatia and Colin McLennan. Christopher Wallin with Bindal Elder Prof. Gracelyn Smallwood)

Additionally ,we acknowledge how this project sits within the broader context of indigenous language preservation worldwide. UNESCO has declared this decade the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, emphasising the importance of preserving the world’s rich cultural heritage.

QCoal Foundation are very proud to have supported this project and we commend the tireless efforts of all involved, whose dedication ensures the preservation of this invaluable legacy. You can learn more about this project here.

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