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QCoal Foundation Boosts Bowen Neighbourhood Centre’s Food Bank Expansion

The QCoal Foundation are proud to have awarded Bowen Neighbourhood Centre a Community Growth Grant to support the expansion and transformation of their Food Bank, the Bowen Tucker Box Shop, addressing a growing community need for this service.

Having operated from a shipping container for the past two years, the Centre will now be able to relocate to a more accessible and spacious location within a new shed. This strategic move is designed to significantly enhance outreach, offering essential resources to the public for three full days each week, a substantial improvement from the current three-hour window.

The Food Bank, serving as a lifeline for many in the community, will experience substantial benefits from this grant. By expanding meal options beyond the current one-per-day limitation, the initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens and improve the overall quality of life, particularly for elderly residents, addressing immediate nutritional needs while fostering a sense of security and well-being.

The urgency for the Food Bank arose from a thorough analysis of community statistics, unveiling a growing financial strain on elderly members participating in the soup kitchen and Second Bite program. This strategic response not only provides immediate relief but also establishes a sustainable solution for the long-term well-being of the community members who rely on this service.

The QCoal Foundation acknowledges Bowen Neighbourhood Centre’s pivotal role in positively impacting the community.

The QCoal Foundation Community Grant Program has been established to encourage community-led initiatives to improve liveability, health and education in communities throughout regional and remote Queensland.