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2019 Scholarship recipient engineers his future

The QCoal Foundation proudly congratulates Bowen State High School student Bill Tapp on receiving the 2019 QCoal Foundation Scholarship.

Bill, who has recently commenced his studies in Engineering at James Cook University (JCU), graduated from Bowen State High School last year.

In applying for the Scholarship, Bill explained that he always wanted to become an engineer, having always enjoyed understanding the mechanics of a motor; the physics of objects and what makes machines work.

“I’ve been to Abbott Point Coal Terminal and I really enjoy mechanical engineering, and engineering in general…I’m really interested in pulling things apart, learning how things work, and understanding mechanical systems,” Bill said.

“JCU has a really good record of employability for engineering students and is a well-recognised university.”

On receiving the news of the Scholarship, Bill explained the impact it would make during his studies.

“I live on campus so the scholarship pays for my college fees, it helps me day-to-day, and it means I don’t have to find a job and can focus on my studies.”

QCoal Foundation Chairman Christopher Wallin said the QCoal Foundation was very pleased to award this year’s scholarship to Bill.

“We received an overwhelming number of applications this year from students right across regional and remote areas of Queensland who planned to study a range of disciplines,” Mr Wallin said.

“When looking at the applications we consider course selection, geographical location but we really focus on how the applicants will give back to rural and remote communities by returning to those areas to live and work after their studies.”

“The QCoal Foundation congratulates Bill on being this year’s scholarship recipient and we look forward to tracking his progress throughout his studies. We also thank all of the applicants for their interest in the Scholarship.”