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Melanie Martyn

QCoal Foundation Scholarship

QCoal Foundation is proud to partner with James Cook University (JCU) to provide the QCoal Foundation Scholarship.  Established in 2015, the Scholarship aims to support students who intend to commence study at JCU, with preference given to those from rural and remote communities in Queensland.

The $30,000 scholarship provides a pathway to further education without the economic challenges that are associated with having to relocate to attend university.

To be eligible, students:

  • need to have completed Year 12 within two years prior to studying at JCU.
  • must be currently living in, or have relocated from, an outer regional, remote or very remote area of Queensland.
  • be an Australian citizen or holder of an Australian Permanent visa.
  • must demonstrate their interest in working in rural or regional Queensland.
  • must be:
    • starting their first or second year enrolled in Geology or Earth Science, or starting their first year of study in any other Bachelor degree
    • at a campus or study centre of JCU (excluding Brisbane and Singapore).

A new scholarship is awarded each year. Applications open on 1 October and close on 31 January.

Further information is available at

Previous Recipients

Learn more about previous recipients of the QCoal Foundation Scholarship below:


      This could be you

      Coming Soon

      “You could be next. Applications for the 2018 QCoal Foundation Scholarship close on 31 January”


      Melanie Martyn

      Veterinary Science

      “Receiving this scholarship was some of the best news as it will help me through my studies and open so many possibilities”


      Muskaan Singh


      “Accessibility of suitable medical attention in rural and remote areas is scarce. I am committed to balancing these levels by undertaking the JCU medical program which has a strong focus on rural and remote medicine”