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Murali Bobba applies for a flood hardship grant, assisted by Louis Myers, Manager, International Student Support, and Toni Lawrence (R), Director, Advancement.



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QCoal Foundation leads donations to new JCU Fund

The QCoal Foundation is very proud to be a key partner with James Cook University (JCU) in establishing a Student Disaster Relief Fund to help hundreds of students to recover from the devastating impacts of the recent North Queensland floods.

QCoal Foundation will provide a $20,000 donation to the JCU Fund to bring the current funds available for students to more than $50,000.  The QCoal Foundation funding is part of a $100,000 special purpose grant program announced by QCoal Foundation to support long-term rebuilding efforts in communities impacted by recent flooding in north-west Queensland.

QCoal Foundation Chair Christopher Wallin confirmed the contribution to the JCU Student Disaster Relief Fund and commended JCU on the initiative.

“The QCoal Foundation is proud to be a leading contributor to the recently-created JCU Student Disaster Relief Fund which will provide financial assistance to students adversely impacted by the recent floods.

“The QCoal Foundation and JCU have a long-term, strong partnership which includes the QCoal Foundation Scholarship and, previously, the Regional Experience Program so this support is a natural extension of that partnership.

“At the QCoal Foundation, we have a strong reputation for working in partnership with highly respected organisations to address community need so we naturally turned to our local partners in responding to the flood impacts.

“Equally, our Directors are in the process of reviewing the applications for this year’s QCoal Foundation Scholarship and have identified an increased number of students who had flagged economic challenges in preparing to attend University, even before the impact of this unforeseen weather event.”

JCU’s Director Advancement Toni Lawrence said the University was very grateful to its long-term partner for this early and generous commitment.

“JCU has received numerous calls from students enquiring about support so we have moved quickly to set up this new Fund and we are delighted that QCoal Foundation has committed some of its special purpose flood grant program in support,” Ms Lawrence said.

“Given it is the start of the academic year, we wanted to move effectively and rapidly to support the large group of students who are not eligible for hardship funding but have suffered losses as a result of the floods.

“On behalf of the University, I thank QCoal Foundation for this generous commitment.”

Impacted students and anyone looking to donate to the Fund can find out more information at