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Down Syndrome Association of Australia

Established in 2012, the T21 Motorcycle Run is a Queensland based event that raises awareness and funding for the Down Syndrome Association of Queensland’s post school literacy program.

Named after Trisomy 21, as it is a third copy of chromosome 21 that causes Down Syndrome, the event has grown from humble beginnings after Brisbane mother, Michelle Rowe’s son Owen was diagnosed.

Michelle set out to challenge the negative perceptions around Down Syndrome through education and awareness and it was through Michelle’s efforts the T21 Motorcycle Run was established.

In the five years that the event has been running, participation has grown from 28 motorcycles in 2012 to over 145 registered riders and 38 pillions in 2017.

The Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Inc. relies on donations from organisations and the community in order to continue its work in providing information and support to people with Down Syndrome and their families

With assistance from QCoal Foundation, this year’s T21 Motorcycle Run raised nearly $10,000 for the Down Syndrome Association Queensland Inc.